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You know those flat escalators that seem to go on for miles at the airport helping busy travelers get places as efficiently as possible?  There are people who choose to lay low and rest while letting the escalator do the work and others walk or even run taking full advantage of the additional boost the escalator is providing.   In the past four months of riding the Wire Peak all over the beautiful state of Utah, I feel like I have had the advantage of a proverbial moving walkway out on the trails, allowing me to see more, do more, shred more and enjoy the sport I love so much.

I remember the first time taking the Wire Peak out.   It’s funny to look back, but at the time I was stressing out on my drive to the trail wondering how a 50lb hunk of aluminum was going to handle barreling down a trail at nearly 30 miles an hour through desert chunk, drops, shelves and with cacti as a bonus trail hazard.    

The climb up was kind of ridiculous.  It was almost as fun as the downhill.   The Wire Peak made easy work climbing up all the ledges, rocks, and awkward lines.   I had It setup with 27.5+ tires that soaked up everything and before I knew It I was at the top of the trail ready to shred.   What was sort of bewildering was, even though I had climbed significantly faster than usual with the pedal-assist, my heart rate remained the same as any other ride.   As a health junkie I appreciated that I could still get a killer workout if I wanted to and that made me excited to ride more.

I had ridden this trail well over 100 times before and knew It like the back of my hand, but all of those bikes were hovering around 30lbs or lighter, not approaching the 50lb mark.   I was nervous to hit some of the jumps and drops, not going to lie.  However, after about 30 seconds into the descent, I knew this bike was going to party on the downhill.

What stood out the most was how stable It was descending.  With the low center of gravity (the majority of the extra weight is near the bottom bracket), this thing feels extremely planted and holds a line like nothing else I have ridden before.   At the same time I was surprised how little body english It required to rip around corners and boost off the same jumps I had been riding for years.   I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face the entire descent.

After nearly 4 months on the bike around Utah in varying terrain, those experiences remain the same.   The bike shreds and has been a riot to have in my stable.

No GEO sacrifices were made to fit the motor

The Setup:

Wire Peak Pro setup with a 160mm Lyrik, Reynolds 309 29er Wheels and a Fox X2.

I went with the Wire Peak Pro, which comes setup with SRAM GX Eagle, SRAM CODE RSC brakes, an Xfusion Manic dropper post, eBike specific 160mm Fox 36 Performance fork, Fox DPS Factory, 3-position adjustable rear shock, DT Swiss H1900 wheels, all at an insanely good value at $5,599.   I ran this setup for a couple months,  but have also tried out 29er wheels, a 160mm Lyrik paired with a Fox X2 rear shock as well as a RS Super Deluxe out back, but all in all, I haven’t found I’m partial to one setup or another.    In the desert, I really enjoyed the 27.5 setup since It soaked up the chatter so well, but on the smoother terrain the 29 wheels rolled great and seemed super efficient.   The good news is, there’s options and if you’re anything like me you can customize It to your liking and make It your own.

In switching wheel sizes I wondered how the battery would adapt and if there was any benefit time wise, but It remained consistent with wheel size changes.   I was getting about 3-4 hours of ride time on the bike with anywhere from 20-40 miles, a wide variation of terrain and vertical feet gained.

Who is the Wire Peak for?

One thing that stood out was when I would switch between the Wire Peak with my non pedal-assist bike day-after-day It was so fun switching between the two.  The Wire Peak is incredibly planted and stable, while my non pedal-assist bike felt so light and playful.     The Wire Peak has quickly become a recovery and training bike as It allows me to rest from a prior days hard work, all while still getting out with my friends and not missing a day on the trail.   Additionally, for some of my favorite downhill segments, rather than taking one or maybe two laps on a good day, the Wire Peak allows me to power up the hill quickly, getting me up to 4-5 DH laps in.   For me that is the use case, but if you are in a situation where your body doesn’t allow the intensity MTB requires that It once would, the Wire Peak potentially opens up that door to explore the trails you love again.

Wire Fools Errand

All the views

The Competition:

How does the Wire Peak stack up against the competition?  Well, as far as pricing goes you’ll be hard pressed to find an apples-to-apples component spec that comes close to Fezzari’s offering.  In terms of ride quality the only experience I’ve had is the Pivot Shuttle, which is said to be the crème de la crème of eBikes.   The Pivot Shuttle is a claimed 4lbs lighter with their Carbon frame as opposed to alloy with the Wire Peak.   All things being equal, taking price out of the equation, some may spring for the Shuttle, but with more than $4,000.00 separating the top models between the two brands I can’t see a reason to spend the additional dough.   If you jump down to the Comp offering from Fezzari at $3,599, you’re looking at two Wire Peaks for less than the price of one Pivot Shuttle at $9.999.  The Wire Peak is right up there in terms of ride quality and performance, both sporting the fancy Class 1 Shimano Steps E8000 Motor and removable battery.  Two for one special, or stuff the additional coin in an IRA and sip margaritas on the beach with that money when you retire.  You decide.

I recognize eBikes aren’t for everyone and truth be told, at one point I’d have thought pigs would have flown before I was caught on one.   After a few months on the Wire Peak I can confidently say It may be one of the most fun times I’ve had on a bike.   I may have barked up the wrong tree though because I find myself reaching for the eBike more often than I had planned.

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